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Ecomom Anion Baby Bottle Sterilizer

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Ecomom Anion Baby Bottle Sterilizer

│ Description │

The product can sterilize and disinfect baby bottle easily using UV lamp and at the same time, it can perform air hearted dry using heater/fan.
Its anion module function makes easy sterilization and deodorization and it maximizes the angle of reflection by applying high gloss stainless steel and embossing on the surface!
Total technologies of the company which is specialized in making sterilizer are concentrated in the ecomom anion nursing bottle sterilizer so dry-sterilization-deodorization can be processed by a button.

│ Function & Feature │

1. Anion sterilization and deodorization : The greatest advantage of ECOMOM is emitting anion.

2. Function and effect of anion
- Deodorization effect
- Sterilization effect
- Learning performance effect
- Maximizes work efficiency
- Smoke removal effect

3. Inner embossing reflection plate

4. Shelf designed for sterilizing inside of the nipple

5. UV ray sterilization function

6. PTC heater fan drying type

7. Touch switch

8. Wide inner space

9. ECOMOM anion nursing bottle sterilizer is multi-use sterilizer that sterilizes not only nursing bottle but also baby products, kitchen items and various small day life items.

│ Specification │

1. Model name :
- ECO33(Popular model) : White and Hot pink
- ECO22(Standard model) : Blue, Pink and Lime
- ECO70KA(Deluxe model) : Black and Red

2. Power consumption : 80W

3. Applied voltage : AC220/V60Hz

4. UV lamp : 4W

5. Product size & Weight : 325(W) x 403(H) x 340(D)/mm, 5kg

6. Color box for gift size & Weight : 375(W) x 450(H) x 390(D)/mm, 6.9kg

7. Warranty period : 1 year

8. Manufacturer : NEOCO

9. Country of origin : Korea

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Ecomom Anion Baby Bottle Sterilizer