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UV sterilizer

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UV sterilizer

│ Description │

Beauty Salon Sterilizer

│ Function │

- It sterilizes the surface of things polluted by dust, bacteria, and all sorts of viruses in a short period of time.
- It is effective for the prevention of various diseases.
- It can be used diversely for combs, knives, scissors, cutters, etc.
- 253n/m of Ultraviolet rays radiate from the product, completing the disinfection in a minute and sterilizing 99.9% of germs.

│ Feature │

- It is made of stainless steel and there's no fear of rust.
- On inner structure and material, rays from lamps are reflected overall and sterilize.
- It is simple and convenient to use and operate it.
- It saves time, so it is also economical.
- It serves a dual purpose as a preserving function of bacteria-free condition and as a sterilizing function.
- The UV lamp is made by Sankyo company from Japan, and the average life span of it is 8,000 hours.

│ Specification │

1. Model name : C+ zone
2. UV sterilizing
3. Dimension : 320W x 235D x 200H/mm
4. Purpose : Cup, Washing towel, Knife, Scissors etc
5. Material ABS plastic
6. The number of UV lamp : one
7. Applied voltage : 220V
8. Power consumption : 6W
9. Capacity : 10liter
10. The number of shelf : one
11. Color : Red
12. Gross weight : 2.7kg
13. Net weight : 2.3kg